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August 5th 2018
Happy owners Anouk and Ties!
'Contemplate' has a beautiful spot in their home.

May 28th 2018
Divided has a new home!

April 13th 2018 - September 12th 2018
How it stArts Gallery exposition
Hooghiemstra, Hooghiemstraplein 51, Utrecht, The Netherlands

March 17th - ongoing
'Divided' can be seen at Het Huysraat,
Witte de Withstraat 182 hs, Amsterdam

February 2018
In collaboration with Spoken Art Community
Project Fiducie
Filosofy - Art - Kids

November 24th 2017 - January 13th 2018
Exposition New Dutch Photography Talent 2018
5&33, Hoek Martelaarsgracht 5/Prins Hendrikkade 33, Amsterdam

August 24th 2017
Awarded as New Dutch Photography Talent 2018
by GUP Magazine
You can buy a copy of the book here: Gup Magazine Shop


June 6th 2017 - March 8th 2018
'Divided' can be seen at Rachmanihoff Wonen



June 5th - September 2017
How it stArts Gallery exposition
De Snorfabriek, Utrecht, The Netherlands


April 28th - April 30th 2017
How it stArts Gallery exposition
Pop Up Shop, Utrecht Central Station, The Netherlands


May 12th - June 19th 2016
Group exposition
Cinemec, Utrecht, The Netherlands



December 19th - December 21st 2015
Graduation exhibition
Fotoacademie Amsterdam, The Netherlands

December 2015
Graduated from Fotoacademie Amsterdam, The Netherlands

February 14th - March 14th 2013

Solo exposition
Domkerk cafe, Utrecht, The Netherlands